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Precision Motor Controls have been producing controls for industries using tubular motors for 23 years, now in new premises, we have tyhe capabilty to pruduce control systems in greater numbers and at a higher speed. We concentrate somewhat on dc 24V Tubular motors and have a wide range of standard control panels to choose from, or we will design from scratch any panel using these motors. We do also have a small range of controls for 240V ac tubular motors.

  Our Controls  
Our Basic standard control panels include Battery Powered controls for general or fire application when Mains not available, onr type the PMC65C24 normally runs the motor from a mains derived PSU, falling back to Battery operation if the mains fails or is cut off. Another PMC85B24 uses the battery all the time to power the Motor, thus reducing the overall cost of the panel some considerable ammount. The batteries in these panels are kept topped up by a constant voltage battery charger. Another Panel the PMC55 (with optional radio board PMC57a) controls the unwinding and reinding of swimming pool covers, this has a mains power supply.

  Coming soon  
We are currently in the process of designing a solar powered shutter type garage door opener with radio control, the keyfob transmitter will control upto 4 garage door panels, giving those with 2 or more garage doors, control from 1 keyfob. This is going o be called the PMC175Solar and we expect to be able to ship production models in the next few months.

  Future developments  
These are largely up to customer demand, though we do expect produccing a computer controlled swimming pool cover panel, with low cost radio operation built in as standard.

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